1. Disable Windows Defender by using dcontrol (pass : sordum) : https://www.sordum.org/9480/defender-control-v2-1/
  1. Download all vc runtimes by using this link : https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/?amp
  1. Download Medal and make sure it’s running in the background: https://medal.tv/
  1. Log into https://wallhacks.top/ with your key
  1. Download the loader
  1. Right click on the loader, press run as admin and enter your key
  1. Press “ok” on the check boxes and start your game
  1. Load into the range and press f8 (make sure your game is in windowed fullscreen)
  1. (only for win11 users) download and run the runme.reg file then restart your p