Installing Ring 1

From the Bios:
• Drives must be formatted in GPT partitions
• Boot mode has to be in UEFI
• Turn ON and enable Intel Virtualization and all related options like VT
-d and VT-x
• Turn OFF secure boot
/ Delete all bootable keys
• Disable TPM
(Optional and if you have windows11)
From the Windows: • Completely turn OFF any antivirus / firewall / windows defender • Open exploit protection and turn every single option there to OFF BY DEFAULT • Turn OFF fast boot Once all the above is set: Download the loader from the link Login using your key Select the cheat, if you don‘t want to use spoofer make sure to turn it OFF (ATTENTION: Spoofer is turned ON by default) then hit LOAD SELECTED CHEATS. the loader will ask to restart your computer, hit RESTART PC After the computer restarts, run the game directly. No need to inject a second time. The cheat menu key is DEL (ATTENTION: the END key next to it will completely close the cheat, if you hit it you have to close the game and start it again, no need to reinject the cheat in this case If the cheat doesn‘t show after a successful injection Turn off all overlays ( Discord, steam, geforce experience, msi afterburner et...) Try to switch between borderless and full screen (cheat run best in Full screen mode) In some cases, make sure the game is running under DX11 and not DX12 Our products are INTEL cpu only and won‘t work on AMD CPUs Most if not all X/XE and Xeon series CPUs are not supported. Cheat only works on win10 (Starting from 1909) and on win11 (must have the latest windows update, latest BIOS firmware update, and TPM disabled in some cases) which means some win11 versions may not work, in this case a win10 is a must. Here is the loader link for activating the keys: